Turning Tires into Planters

Hey There, Mea Here! So in the process of cleaning out my garage I found some old tires that needed to be thrown away, but since I am on my diy and repurposing kick I decided to reuse them for something else instead.Β Today my upcycling project not only consist of repurposing tires but also implementing them in my garden as planters! Now we know that … Continue reading Turning Tires into Planters

Creating Coasters Out of Floor Samples

As mentioned before, I love to up-cycle items in addition to creating art. I always find myself thinking of ways to reuse certain items in an effective way instead of immediately throwing them away. Today’s project consists of re-purposing some floor samples I had lying around the house. Coasters are an item that can be used all the time. I love having them handy for … Continue reading Creating Coasters Out of Floor Samples