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RoseMea’s ReVamp is a blog dedicated to teaching DIYer’s learn how to revamp their home. From renovating to reupholstering, I will show you how to beautify through DIY. Join me as I share stories of my inspirations, home makeovers, revamp projects, and shopping tips.
About Me:
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My name is Mea and I am a mother of two, a self taught artist, and growing designer who loves art and furniture is my canvas! Falling in love with a Bohemian lifestyle, I have found myself becoming a lover of vintage and eclectic designs, handmade items, a cultural presence, and the need to seek inspiration to birth new ideas and creativity. I started designing furniture as a hobby while I was recovering from surgery. My first project was moving pictures around to help me walk normal again, then next thing I know, as I became better, I started throwing things out and revamping my furniture to pass the time. This went from a temporary hobby to pass the time to a full fledged passion! It was so relaxing to me that I just kept going. I really enjoy what I do and every piece I work on I treat as if it was my own.

Now I know that I mentioned teaching as well. I get a lot of questions asking about how I do what I do, so I decided to make a website where I can explain what I do as well as provide tutorials and videos so that you can do the same!

My Mission: To educate, empower, and inspire.

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